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Branding and Identity

The Jaquar group of companies had commissioned zeppelin to undertake a brand research project to re-position the Artize range of products. The primary goal of the project was to create an aura around the brand that is distinctive and aspirational enough to compete with the international brands in India and abroad. Based on the primary insight that Artize needs to communicate its superior product quality, the zeppelin team created a brand structure that was no longer relying on the lower priced, premium segment Jaquar brand umbrella. Thus by positioning the product range as a completely separate luxury brand with its own visual identity DNA, Zeppelin enabled the product category to justify the price point by communicating the products uniqueness.

As part of the visual identity branding Zeppelin Re-designed the logo and the brand communication tag line “craftsmanship in water”. All aspects of the brand communication were re-worked leading to creation of a brand deployment manual that cut across ATL, BTL and retail.

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