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Restaurant Design

Nueva, a brand new addition to New Delhi's fine dinning scene, is a culinary collaboration between Chef Michael Swamy and the Indian captain Virat Kohli. Designed by Zeppelin, the ground floor welcomes guests into a plush lounge and bar. The concept references elements of native american forms and motives, and hence connects to the south american cuisine of the restaurant at a subconscious level. The design relies on traditional luxury finishes like wood and statuario marble presented through new-age geometric\hexagonal forms and treatment. Real brass inlays and screens, warm inviting leather furniture create visual reliefs and add another layer of opulence.

The lounge design allows the chef to introduce a bit of food theater right at the bar area. A marble spiral staircase from within the restaurant takes the patrons to level two, the dining section of the restaurant. The first floor opens to a cluster of seats and tables designed for an uninterrupted dining experience. Large glass panels reveal the state of the art kitchen at Nueva, the epicenter of chef Michael Swamy's innovative cuisine.

The clean aesthetics of the first floor is augmented with crisp marble dining tables, timber flooring and brass partitions. The ceiling is studded with blown glass chandeliers that add just that bit of indulgent charm. The plush private dining area is also situated on this floor and extends the aesthetics of the dinning area further.

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